Fire Fighter exam study guide for pharmacy school
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How The Police Exam Professor Works:

The Police Exam Professor is the #1 site in online police written exam preparation. We offer top quality study guides specially designed to prepare you for the experience of taking the police written exam. Our exam questions come from content that is analyzed by professional editors with years of experience. You are provided with feedback as you progress though the exam. It is the best way to learn.

How do I become a member?

Simple. Click here to go to the Products page. Choose how much time you would like to study for. Enter all the necessary information to become a member. Once the membership process is completed you are a member of The Police Exam Professor's family. Study the material at any time - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can add more studying time to your membership whenever you wish.

What types of exams are available?

There are many different styles of exams a member of The Police Exam Professor can take. You can take a complete topical exam or a random exam. Each topical exam has been chosen by our editors to simulate an actual exam. By selecting a random exam you can choose how many questions you wish to take at a time. This is very convenient if you just don't have enough time to do a full exam. Random question content is taken from all of the full topical exams as well as from a large pool of questions only found in the random exams. You can take the random quiz many times and never get the same question.

The Police Exam Professor has broken the exams into two types:

  1. Full topical exams: Each with questions provided to give you the most thorough knowledge needed for you to get your best score possible.
  2. Random: Hundreds of random questions focusing on a specific category necessary to ace your Fire Fighter exam.

There are also three different teaching philosophies available on every exam taken:


Learning Mode. This is a two step process.
You answer a question similar to a real exam.
  b. The Police Exam Professor responds to your answer as correct or incorrect while providing a descriptive explanation. You will get instant feedback for each question.
Exam Mode: This mode simulates the testing environment. You are presented with a number of questions to answer. Upon completing all of the questions, The Police Exam Professor adds up your score just like you took the actual test.
3. Flash Card Mode: Start this method a day or two before you take the exam. You are presented both the question and answer as a flash card. Sit back and learn.
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