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I will Help you Ace your Police Exam!

The Police Exam Professor is the best study guide system designed to help you obtain your optimal score on the Police exam so you can start your career as a police officer.

The Police Professor is the number one provider of high quality knowledge designed to help YOU score high on the Local, State or National Police exams. Experienced law enforcement officials and exam consultants have provided explanations and feedback given by the Police Professor.

By studying with the Police Professor, you will:
  • Increase your understanding of the necessary police material
  • Gain confidence in your skills as you become familiar with the exam samples
  • Start preparing immediately as there is no software to be delivered
  • Work from home comfortably (slippers allowed)
    Study wherever and whenever you desire
  • Have no need to attend expensive police prep classes

Most people don't realize how difficult the police written exam can be. In order to get started in the career of YOUR choice you will have to achieve a very high score on the police written exam. Competition for law enforcement jobs is very tough. Don't take the exam lightly and go in unprepared. Studying with the Police Exam Professor dramatically improves your score. Each time you study with our study guide is like taking an actual police exam. This is the perfect method to give you confidence when it is time to write your real police exam.

The Police Exam Study Guide Features:

  • 3 interactive study methods (Learning, Exam, and Flash Card)
  • 21 practice exams containing hundreds of questions plus endless random quizzes (many more than any traditional Police prep course book)
  • Success strategies on each topic / subject covered on the police exam
  • Exam tips and study aids
  • Police definitions with almost 100 words or phrases commonly used in the criminal justice system
  • Tips to help you prepare for the Physical Ability Test
  • Guidelines for Successful Oral Board Interviews

Our editorial staff, together with experienced police personnel, has extensively planned the content for each practice police exam. Through their valuable years of experience, they have created a series of practice tests that help future police officers prepare for their police exam. Don't risk a failure. ACE your Police exam using the excellent practice exams and informative feedback that our study guide system provides.

The Police Professor's Study Guides include question and answer choices as close as possible to the ones you'll find in the actual police exam. They are designed specifically to help you prepare for the real thing.

Our study guide is so much more than a traditional Police study prep. Not only do we provide you with questions, answers and explanations but membership also comes with complete lessons on subjects you will need to know. The police exam covers many topics. We offer you well researched learning resources on each Police discipline including: Mapping, Math, Memory, Observation, Police Judgment, Reading Comprehension and Written Expression.

The study guide consists of 21 practice exams. Our market study showed that this was two, three and sometimes four times more exam than other learning sources offered! Why waste your time with answer keys when you can get instant feedback? The Police Exam Professor also offers information about the application process, including how to prepare for the Oral Board Interview and the Physical Ability Test. The power of the Internet allows us to help you learn faster and with greater comprehension. If you are not sure about a word or topic... with one click you have complete background information. This is the best way to study for the police exam.

Best value Police Study Guide in the World

"I have always wanted to work in the field of law enforcement but it is tough to get there. The day I wrote the exam, there were 250 other applicants! I wasn't too worried though. I had used your online study system and was prepared. I scored 97% and start at the Academy in two weeks. Thanks, Professor!!"

Mark P. , Los Angeles

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